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Want to see the quality cards we produce? Order a FREE Sample today. These cards all have some small defects which prevented us from shipping them. We have flickr id card, many ctu badge, a few ncis id, alot of mclovin id, a whole bunch of misprinted flickr press pass, few of the new ncis badges, many mclovin drivers license and alot of umbrella corporation id card.

Limit 1 per customer.

These cards cannot be customized. However feel free to tell us which one you would prefer to receive.

Additional Information

Can this card be customized? No. Please contact us if you intend to use this in production environment or if you would like another fictional character to be displayed.
ID Card Dimensions CR80: 3.375" x 2.125" (86mm x 54mm) - Standard credit card size that are versatile and work for most general applications.
Material used: Plastic PVC cards that offer the highest durability with a 40% polyester core and a glossy PVC laminate on top and bottom.
Designed by: The concerted effort of the internet